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Concentrate Nails

Choosing The Perfect Concentrate Nail

Choosing the right nail for your rig can be a confusing endeavor for a first time user so let us at Smoker's Central break down the different types of Concentrate Nails available for purchase so you can pick the one that is the most suitable for your smoking style!

Glass Nails

Glass nails are inexpensive and usually come free with most vapor rigs. They must be heated slowly so they do not crack. They work well and some claim they give the best flavor.


  • Cheap and good flavor


  • Cracks easily from rapid temperature changes. 

Quartz Nails

Cost a bit more than glass, but do not need to be heated slowly and last longer than glass nails. If you use quartz nails and dab at the perfect temperature, you can achieve superb flavors! Glass and quarts nails are a cost friendly option, but they can be hard to keep from breaking. Accidents do happen.


  • Great flavor and won't crack from rapid temperature changes.


  • Will break if dropped

Titanium Nails

If you are constantly dropping your nails, we suggest upgrading this small bit of your rig to a titanium nail (Ti). Ti nails are made from a solid medical grade 2 titanium. Titanium is strong and will hold up to the constant heating and cooling through your dabbing sessions. Dropped your nail? No worries. It's perfectly intact! Ti nails have much better heat retention than glass/quartz, so you can take much larger sized dabs.


  • Won't break, will last a long time. Huge dabs!


  • Not the best flavor and transfers a lot of heat to your glass joint.

Ceramic Nails

Ceramic nails are popularly know to provide the best flavor out of any nail but like glass and quartz nails they tend to break easy due to rapid temperature changes and drops.


  • Great flavor


  • Cracks easily from rapid temperature changes or drops.

Domed vs Domeless

When selecting a nail for your oil rig, there is another key thing you need to keep in mind: some nails are "domeless" and some require an extra piece called a "dome" or a "hood". The differences of the two are really all about airflow. 

Domeless nails: These nails have ventilation holes directly on the piece. They typically have better airflow than nails that require a dome.

Domed nails: When you use a domed nail, you add an extra step to the dabbing process. Before you take your hit, you need to slip on a glass "hood" which collects vapor. This dome is what enables you to pull the vapor through.

Carb Caps

A carb cap is like a little hat. There are a couple of key reasons why carb caps are useful.

1. If you accidentally take a dab that's a little too large for you to handle, topping your nail with a carb cap lets you take a quick breather before you finish the rest of your hit.

2. If the temperature of your nail is too low, your oil may sit there and fizzle on the top. Popping on a carb cap prevents the oil from just burning away by capturing the heat and vapor inside. This means that you lose less of your expensive wax and your able to get the full dose of your dab.