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"Nyx" Passthrough Mini Rig

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Water wraps around the center ball in this great traveling pipe.

This Sesh Supply "Nyx" Mini Passthrough Water Pipe is a clean glass daily driver. From the colorful Sesh Supply the "Nyx" features a bent neck, so it is perfect for loungers and those who like hanging out. A stand out piece great body with colored glass accents, and pass through downstem. Uses a 14.5mm female joint, while a male flower bowl is included, swap out for a banger to enjoy concentrates. The circ perc provides excellent percolation and function, that will be easy on your lungs. Available in different colors, the "Nyx" will fit with any collection.

Standing at 7 inches, this piece is on the more petite side, which makes it wonderful for portability.

14.5mm Female

7 inches





14.5mm Male Flower Bowl Included45 Degree JointBent NeckBranded GlassCirc PercClear GlassColored GlassFlash DealFumed GlassHandheldFlared MouthpieceGold DecalPortableScientific GlassThick GlassUses 14mm Male BowlProduct SKU:


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