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Water Pipes

Picking The Perfect Water Pipe!

When it comes to browsing the perfect water pipe of your own, just the sheer amount of options can be overwhelming. Generally you have two options. The first involves going to your local headshop. This will give you a good chance to touch some glass and speak with a specialist. The second option, shopping online through a reputable vendor, give you a chance to browse an endless selection of pipes and accessories, and you could do this from the comfort of your own home. Smoker's Central's online headshop has the huge selection you may be looking for, but when it comes to a final decision, how can you be sure you are making the choice for yourself and your own needs?


Flower or Concentrate

Water pipes can be used for dry herbs and legal concentrates. What you choose to use in your pipe will affect the size, angle and size of joint you attach. Dry herbs use a flower bowl joint that are usually attached to larger stems at a 45 or 90 degree angle. Legal concentrates on the other hand use an attachment called a nail. Nails are attached to smaller stems at a 90 degree angle to avoid dripping over.

If your a person who likes to shake things up, maybe you would like a pipe that can handle your unchained lifestyle. Pipes with unattached downstems can use different stems to fit your bowl or nail, and for pipes with fused downstems an additional adapter can be purchased for that same purpose. Whether you are looking to switch out your stem or use an adapter will depend of the size and glass style of your water pipe.

When Size Matters

How you use your pipe will determine the size of pipe that is best for you. Will your pipe be used mainly in your living room or will you take it to the mountaintop or take it lakeside? Will it be stashed in your closet to be used at your next birthday party or is it readily available at your nightstand or coffee table? Beakers, straight tubes, and bell-shaped bases are general more durable and have a stronger sense of balance than pipes with bent necks or top-heavy rigs.

Smaller pipes, obviously, allow themselves to be more portable and can even fit in your bag or glove compartment. Smaller pipes can save you money, are easier to clean and can be stored anywhere. Larger pipes are a bigger investment, can give you more diversity in the type of joints and adapters you can choose and offer a grander selection of percolation chambers.

The Percolation Conversation

Percolation chambers in larger water pipes can diffuse airflow to effect the heat and smoothness of a hit. Percolation techniques vary wildly, but some common percs include

  • inline percs
  • tree percs
  • honeycomb percs 

Inline percs are simple straight tubes, whereas tree percs are tubes that branch off from one main chamber. Honeycomb percs use a honeycomb like pattern of holes laid out like a net. Diffusion methods are a personal preference, but can also effect the looks of your pipe in a way that they can move and spin the water through the pipe's tubes and chambers.

The Price Of Beauty

Maybe you consider your pipe to be a reflection of you, in which case you want it to be good looking! Brand name pipes can be elaborately designed or colorful, but can add upwards of $50-$100 to any price tag. Exotic designs and impressive glass blowing techniques are also price variants, and one-of-a-kind rigs or collector's rigs are considered heady and are generally sizable investments.

Any complex rig with various enclosements and entanglements will bump up the price, but sometimes elegance comes from simplicity and minimalism. Smoker's Central provides all the heady glass and adapters you could ever need as well as a strong brand of the highest quality scientific glass.

How you customize your pipe based on your needs, desires and itches can be easily managed and pain-free process so long as you know what you looking for, and there is nothing more rewarding than being satisfied with your purchase and having that feeling of greatness from selecting the perfect water pipe!