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1-pc Glass Blunt

  • $19.95


Branded Glass

Buy Multiple and Save!

Clear Glass

Colored Glass


Carry it anywhere!


Flared Mouthpiece

Gold Decal


From Sesh Supply comes, the "Sesh Slider", a glass blunt perfect for those on the go.

Similar to a chillum, but glass blunts allow the user to load more dry herb per sesh.

Pull back the inner glass tube to set the amount.

user's can load about 1-1.5 grams of legal smoking product into the chamber.

Simply push the the tube in to ash when finished.

Helps keeps the material lit, wind resistant.

Available in multiple colors, with a gold Sesh Supply logo on each pipe.

Grab yours before they SLIDE out of stock!

Length: 4 inches

A discreet glass blunt pipe that can hold more and more.


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