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Cloud Liquid Pen

  • $83.95

The White Cloud V Liquid Vaporizer has a very slim and user-friendly design for your e-liquid products.

Please note if package is open or product has been used there will be no return allowed NO EXCEPTIONS Thanks


The White Cloud V Liquid has a very slim and lightweight design. This portable and sleek vaporizer is ideal for your e-liquid products.

The Cloud Liquid kit includes:
1 Cloud Liquid Atomizer (with removable mouthpiece tip)
1 Cloud Liquid battery
1 USB Charger
1 Owner’s Manual

How it works:

Once unpackaged, your Cloud Liquid will be locked. To unlock it, you should press the button 5 times in sequence. It will blink 3 times to indicate that it is unlocked. For the highest performance, you should charge your Cloud no longer than 1 hour for full charge before use.

To charge the vaporizer:

1- Screw on the Cloud Liquid Battery to the USB charger tightly.

2- Put the USB Charger into the USB charging device or port.

3- Red light LED will indicate that it is charging.

4- Remove the battery when LED light turns green.

Once your Cloud Battery is charged, you may start loading and vaporizing:

1- Unscrew the atomizer from the battery to avoid activation.

2- Put the atomizer upright, and pull out the tip.

3- Fill e-liquid into the atomizer around the inner walls.

4- Screw back the mouthpiece tip.

5- Screw the atomizer onto the battery tightly.

6- Make sure your Battery is unlocked, hold the button and enjoy vaporizing.

Do not overload the atomizer. It is suggested to fill 2/3 of the volume for the best performance. Make sure your battery is locked after use to avoid activation. This vaporizer is not intended for wax, concentrated liquids or dry herb products.


Cloud V Enterprises warrants Cloud Liquid’s battery for six months that it is free of material defects and workmanship. If the battery is found to be defective, the sole liability from Cloud V is to repair or replace the defective battery with a properly functioning one. Warranty does not apply to atomizers or if the unit is used with non-Cloud V certified or approve products.

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