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Cloud Platinum Tommy Chong

  • $69.95

Special Bundle: Cloud V Platinum Tommy Chong Limited Edition Vaporizer with Aqua Non-Spill Bubbler

Cloud Aqua Bubbler*

Please note if package is open or product has been used there will be no return allowed NO EXCEPTIONS Thanks


CloudV is now offering the most popular glass accessories bundled with your favorite vaporizers. Several colors are available. Make your preference and get yourself this special bundle today!

Bundle includes:
1 Cloud Platinum Tommy Chong Limited Edtion Vaporizer
1 Cloud Aqua Bubbler with Platinum Globe Atomizer

Cloud Platinum Tommy Chong Limited Edition Vaporizer

A legend in the entertainment industry and the world of counter-culture Tommy Chong's legacy has transcended the generations. Throughout his career, Tommy has brought smiles to the faces of millions of people worldwide and has been a celebrated activist. Now that he has joined the vaporizer movement, Tommy and CloudV are proud to bring you the Cloud Platinum Limited Edition Chong Vaporizer!

Cloud V brings you the Platinum Vaporizer Series for your essential oils or viscous products. It is our second generation portable vaporizer featuring an even slimmer design, a removable mouthpiece tip and window in the mouthpiece so users can see their vapor building up. This multiple Best Product Award Winning vaporizer has truly revolutionized the vaporizing experience by bringing users reliability, simplicity, discreetness and style.

Platinum Kit includes everything you need to start enjoying your clouds right away:

1 Cloud Platinum Battery
1 Cloud Platinum Mouthpiece
1 Cloud Platinum Tornado Atomizer
1 Retractable USB Charger
1 Wall Charger
1 Cloud Case
1 Cloud Standard Tool
1 Cloud Owner’s Manual

Cloud Platinum Battery

The Cloud Platinum Battery is rechargeable, lightweight and features a pin charging port on the bottom. It is recommended to always use the Cloud Charger provided in the kit to charge your battery for a longer lifespan. The battery has a built in safety mode that allows you to lock/unlock between uses.

All Cloud Platinum Batteries come with a unique Serial Number printed on the bottom – next to the charging port. You may register your battery for a Cloud V Lifetime Warranty on to receive your warranty card. In the event of any issues, your Cloud Platinum Battery will be replaced at no additional cost.

Cloud Tornado Atomizer

The Cloud Tornado Atomizer is included by default in every Cloud Platinum Kit. This heating element features a fully ceramic interior which heats up your oils and viscous products instantly, providing the highest vaporizing satisfaction. This patent-pending funnel structure will make your loading and cleaning process easy. Please note that the Cloud Platinum Atomizers are not compatible with Classic style batteries.

Cloud Aqua Bubbler

The Cloud V Aqua is bubbler attachment consists of a high quality glass attachment and a Cloud V Tornado Globe Atomizer.

This bubbler features a non-spill structure. You can conveniently fill the glass bubbler with water and turn upside-down. The water will not leak from the attachment. The Cloud V Aqua will allow you to vaporize even smoother, as the vapor filters through the water each time you inhale.

How to use:

Detach the Bubbler from the atomizer.
Turn around the Bubbler
Fill it with water.
Turn it around and immediately draw to trap the maximum amount of water.
Gently secure it back on the atomizer.

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