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DabWorthy Six Hole Dish Super Universal Nail For Male and Female Joints 14mm and 18mm

  • $54.95

This sturdy nail is is made from grade 2 titanium and is specifically made to be used with almost any joint. It features six holes within its structure and is a dish style nail intended for use with concentrates.

About Titanium Nails:

The titanium nail is a tool used for the consumption of legal essential oils and concentrates. These nails fit in a variety of water pipes and vapor rigs (also called concentrate rigs) and offer a significant improvement in material over quartz because of their durability and heat retention. To use a titanium nail, one heats up the nail first using a torch, then places their legal or wax on the nail. Upon contact, the hot nail vaporizers the concentrates into vapor for consumption through the pipe.

DabWorthy's team is made up of experienced industry connoisseurs. Their goal is creating concentrate utensils for a healthier, higher quality vapor experience. DabWorthy has spent the last two years burning the midnight oil as they rated and ranked accessories to provide novices and experts alike with impurity-free dabs.

Fits these Joints
14.5mmFemale JointFemale
18.8mmFemale JointFemale

14.5mmMale JointMale
18.8mmMale JointMale

Domeless Design
Female Joint
Male Joint
Oil Accessory
For Female Joints
For male joints
Grade 2 Titanium
Heatsink design
High grade titanium
Highest Quality Materials
Titanium Nail

Features of this Titanium Nail
Grade 2 Titanium

This type of titanium is the industry standard for titanium concentrate products and a much harder alloy that Grade 1 Titanium. Because of it's purity and ability to withstand heat, it's a popular choice for many titanium products.


These heatsinks help disperse heat within the Titanium Nail. When heated, each heatsinks helps separate and trap the heat instead of concentrating it which may result in damage.

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