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“HoneyTip” Nectar Collector with Titanium Tip

  • $87.95



We are proud to be able to offer these affordable nectar collectors with titanium tip. These nectar collectors come as a kit with a detachable neck, body with water chamber, a titanium tip, and a keck clip. At that price, these nectar collectors are a steal, but be not afraid, they don’t compromise on quality. For those interested in how a nectar collector works, see our review below.

About Concentrate Pipes:

A concentrate pipe, also commonly referred to as oils rigs, vapor rigs, and dab rigs are all designed to smoke legal essential oils and concentrates. This type of water pipe can use different forms of percolation through a downstem that may or may not be diffused, and/or a set of "percs", these pieces typically come standard with a dome and nail set up. Many of these pieces have a male accessory joint that is compatible with female accessories.


Rocking a 14.5mm Joint
Clear Glass
Has a Female Joint
Made for concentrates
13 inches Tall
Highest Quality Materials
Spill proof design
Unmarked Glass

Features of this Concentrate Pipe
Unmarked Glass

For those that like the refined minimalist look, unmarked clean glass is for you. This style means the glass is not branded or cluttered with decals, it's just clean glass, pure and simple.

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