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Lounger Smoking Set Tobacco Pipe Anti Cigarette Soot

  • $24.95

Lounger Smoking Set Smoking Tobacco Pipe Anti Cigarette The Soot Business Gifts Smoking

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Main Features:
1. whole cigarette smoked. We can not afford to keep soot. Even smoking in high winds, no soot ,mars splash.
2.The smoking process,set aside smoke anywhere not burn items.Even stuffed into pockets.
3. cigarettes smoked.cigarette butts off automatically,eliminate fire hazards.
4.science and filtered,reduce inhalation of harmful substances.
5. Reduce hazardous materials with volatile fumes,mitigate harm to passive smokers.

The new set of environmental smoke profile:wherein the central smoke gray jacket to the combustion chamber compartment. Cooling the outer winding wire,Heat set silk outer metal skeleton,Metal frame interval with a heat insulating outer ring and an outer insulating ring.One end has a metal skeleton ignition cover and a fixed cover. And the other end with a set of cigarette holder connection.Features are then filtered through the mouthpiece,Do not use tobacco pipe,Convenient and simple.

Material:   Acrylic

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