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The "Natural Guy" Simple 14mm Vapor Bubbler Rig

  • $42.95

This piece a starter bubbler piece for someone starting off with concentrates, looking for a compact portable no-fuss rig. It won’t give you a hassle. Clean, simple glasswork. Pulls smooth with excellent flavor. May come with dome slightly different than one pictured, may be either the bulb or angled slit dome.

A concentrate pipe, also commonly referred to as oils rigs, vapor rigs, and dab rigs are all designed to smoke legal essential oils and concentrates. This type of water pipe can use different forms of percolation through a downstem that may or may not be diffused, and/or a set of "percs", these pieces typically come standard with a dome and nail set up. Many of these pieces have a male accessory joint that is compatible with female accessories.

Rocking a 14.5mm Joint
Clear Glass
Concentrate Rig 4.5 inches
Carry it anywhere!
Made in the USA
Male Joint with Female Dome
Scientific Glass
Unmarked Glass

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